Why are free porn sites popular?


The most irresistible thing in the world is free things. Porn is not any different from this phenomenon. Free porn video sites are available all over the internet. If you are watching free online porn because of two reason you are either internet addicted or sex addicted. It’s more like once you experience pornography you develop and uncontrollable urge to obtain that sexual satisfaction in the form of entertainment. But when the things are free then it is easy to afford that kind of entertainment. 

There are a lot of reason why free porn site are popular among the population

  • Fantasies depiction

Let’s be honest everybody has a lot of fantasy regarding sex. You keep imagining those fantasies and secretly wish for them to come true. Online porn sites make you able to see those fantasies getting real. The pornography gives of satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Security

The Internet is a safe space where you can share your feelings and thoughts but it is also a dangerous place where you unknowingly review identity. Free porn sites do not require any kind of login or information while you enjoy them. This feature attracts more users. This feature prevents revealing of identity and thus reduces fear of societal shame.  It reduces risk of getting caught by family or teachers as it was high risk with videotapes and magazines.

  • New faces

There are attend on porn stars found in the industry. All the famous porn stars take an enormous amount of money from producers. So it makes them invest in paid sites more. One who loves to watch porn usually gets bored seeing the same faces. The big stars are all on paid sites. While you can find new faces in free sites that keep them hooked on these sites. 

  • Accessibility

With the development of the internet, we can access any site from e-commerce to entertainment. Porn sites are a popular choice of adult entertainment. The accessibility to pornography also increased. Free porn sites are available on the internet just a click away. 

  • No subscription boundaries

Paid pornography sites have subscription boundaries. For utilizing the worth of money they keep watching more and result in addiction. But as subscription ends they starts to crave for more pornography. This gives a vicious cycle of subscription and this is the reason most people worry when they start watching porn. So they shift to watch free porn where they have no subscription boundaries and this assures them they can stop watching it soon. But as they internally knew they are going to love it more than paid. 


If anything is free then they are charging you your time. Everything that is done in moderation is good but if you are addicted to them it will have hazardous effects. Pornography is good for health but one should watch the limit they are watching it either it is free or not.