What are escort services?

Models who provide escort services accompany the client. And at a variety of events:

  • business meeting;
  • major international forums;
  • film festivals;
  • a trip to another country (including for recreation);
  • social events;
  • awards at the state level.

An escort is, first of all, a beautiful and spectacular girl who accompanies the client. Her primary task is to provide worthy company to the client and, if necessary, maintain a conversation. Vip escort in Cologne from the site https://d-escort.com/escort-models-koeln/ has spectacular escorts.

Types of escorts

In a reputable agency, it divides its services. There is no such thing as a universal escort. That is, every girl specializes in some direction. Three main varieties:

  • Accompanying men at events. An escort is a companion. She attends a wealthy client to a social party, a festival, a business dinner, etc. He needs to choose a companion correctly. To do this, he goes to the agency’s website or comes to its office. Then he chooses the girl he likes and talks with her. If the male wants the young lady, he concludes an official contract with the agency. At the discussion stage, the client explains what he wants from the girl during the escort. Just choosing a lady can take a day or even more.
  • Joint leisure. Here, the escort works not only as a companion but also as a friend, even to some extent as a soul mate. For example, a business person can order escort services for a trip to a resort or a visit to a museum. The customer bears all expenses, in addition to directly paying for the girl’s services. By the way, agencies select the employee very carefully. Still, if a person orders the assistance of an escort girl to visit the theater, she must be, as they say, on topic.
  • Participation in business meetings. Perhaps the most complex type of escort. The girl’s responsibilities include not only attending negotiations. It should create an atmosphere of relaxation and, if necessary, distract the client’s business partner or maintain a conversation. That is, in any case, she must know the subject of the business.

Important: yes, a girl can be adaptable. She learns to accompany a client at an event, spend leisure time with him, and even participate in business negotiations. Such workers are worth gold.

What should an escort be like?

External data is critical. During the interview, the scouts assess the girl’s appearance first. She should be well-groomed, beautiful, and charming. But an attractive appearance is not a guarantee of employment. If you look at escort vacancies, you will see that employers have other requirements:

  • knowledge of modern fashion;
  • excellent knowledge of etiquette;
  • ability to maintain a conversation on various topics;
  • presentability;
  • no stiffness.

Now you understand perfectly what an escort is. For a girl, this is a challenging but exciting and highly paid job; for a client, it is leisure and entertainment. And if he is delighted, it means that the employee performed her duties well.