Who are transsexuals, and how much do their services cost?

Transgender people are people who were born of the same sex and have changed socially and/or physically to the opposite sex during their lives. Some people have sex reassignment surgery, while others do not. It is not a sexual fetish but an expression of one’s gender identity. Transgender Dusseldorf is widespread and can satisfy the most hidden desires. Both men and women want to get acquainted with the lady of unusual appearance. This is an enjoyable sexual experience.

Of course, some transsexual prostitutes have had their vaginas operated on. But compared to “regular” transsexual women, they are pretty rare. 

Transsexuals came from the porn sector, and ladyboys mostly describe Asian providers. These terms are not acceptable when communicating with a prostitute. Instead, use Trans, TS, or TS-Lady!

Where to find a transsexual

Transvestite ladies walk all over the red-light world. Many travels independently as escorts or prostitutes. But there are many clubs where you can meet a transvestite prostitute. It is best to find out in advance by phone or on the Internet whether a brothel in your area has offers for transsexual women.

There are many options for having sex with a transsexual. Do you want to have phone sex with a transsexual? Most numbers quickly and discreetly connect you with a sexy voice. Webcam sex can also be helpful if you want to enjoy the experience without sex first.

The cost of sex with a transvestite

There is no single price for the sluts of the Ladyboys. As with “regular” whores, it ranges from less than 100 to more than 1,000 euros. Depending on the service, it is possible to pay extra, for example for BDSM services.

Escort agencies often have different rates for their girls. Since there are few trans escorts, they are usually in the most expensive price category. A four-figure sum for an evening with two is quite realistic. How much does an escort cost? The price is made up of several items – the cost of escorting is often added to the cost of: 

  • travel;
  • lodging;
  • Attire if the occasion is special.

On the other side of the price spectrum are cheap brothels and brothels. An hour with a TC will cost you about 100 euros. Having sex with a transgender person can be unaccustomed – you should plan for plenty of time. This is especially true if you suffer from erection problems.

Most men are seduced by the idea of being passive and receptive during sex. But they are not attracted to other men. A transsexual satisfies this need – visually, she is entirely female but offers a little bonus.